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7 Feb


The appointment for April 27, 2019 for the third edition of the Triathlon Sprint “City of Lignano Sabbiadoro Memorial Renzo Ardito“, the sports association “Triathlon of Lignano” is waiting for a day dedicated to the competition and the sport!

The race will start from the “dock area” Pineta, leaving to the right the wooden bridge leading to the Pagoda and provides for the circumnavigation of the same to come out at the tent area.
With this solution, the staff wants to ensure the show to the public that will be able to settle down on the deck to enjoy the departure of athletes, as a sort of “marine grandstand.” Also it will give swimmers the opportunity to be encouraged and supported in the first 250 of swim path, something unique and original in its genre.

According to the organizers the bike path will be very fast, with average definitely above 40 km / h. In fact there is a raise to only around (3 rounds total of 6.6 km) and close to the transition area, where the part-time race is also detected at every step. The latest effort, running, you land on a double-pass stick for 2.5 km lap, entering in the park area of ​​GE.TUR and using the new path that runs behind the sand dunes of Pineta.

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7 Feb

LIGNANO IN FIORE – 20.04.2019-01.05.2019

Classic spring meeting. The festival takes place since 1987 between the end of April and early May, coating the Hemingway Park in Lignano Sabbiadoro with the rainbow of a thousand colors of a true people’s party that speaks of solidarity, between the green of the pines, the whiteness gazebos, a lot of people and especially many children chasing enchanted flight of balloons and kites, and the thousands of workshops, performances and initiatives from year to year are proposed.

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7 Feb

BIKERFEST 2021 – LIGNANO – 16-19.09.2021

From 16 to 19 September 2021 in Lignano Sabbiadoro will host the 35rd International Biker Fest, the biggest rally event dedicated to the world of two wheels in Italy.

Motorcyclists and their families will spend four days in the name of passion, motors, tuning, music, body art and entertainment.

The event Biker Fest International is divided into three different zones of the city of Lignano Sabbiadoro (Teghil stadium Luna Park and Terrace Sea), to enhance the peculiarities of each attraction.

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5 Feb

LIGNANO SUP RACE 2019 – 01-02.09.2019

Return the increasingly popular Sup Race in Lignano, the race of Stand Up Paddle!

Stand Up Paddle is a new aquatic sport in our waters, but it proves to be more and more loved by sportsmen from amateurs, much to collect numerous inscriptions in the various companies and major holdings in the various events.
In the race at the beginning of September in Lignano, every year the subscribers increase and give rise to a weekend of sports and entertainment on the beach. Last year, in fact, the event recorded an attendance record, with most of the participants from Austria, Germani, Holland, Switzerland and Slovenia.

This year is no exception and it is thought that the participants will be 400!

Lignano Sup Race is organized by Lignano a.s.d. N.E.W.A. (North East Watersports Association), whose purpose is to promote water sports and SUP in particular. Thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro to Lignano Pineta SPA which granted the beach and many local sponsors and technicians, including for the 2018 edition of the association has been able to prepare an event of great national and international importance.

The event takes place in the water pool in front Lignano Pineta (square Marcello D’Olivo) and Lignano Riviera.


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5 Feb


The second edition of the half marathon of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Lignano the Sunset Run Half Marathon, is set for 18.05.2019

The event, organized dall’Athletic Club Apicilia in synergy and with the assistance of the City of Lignano Sabbiadoro, will retain the features that many participants were able to appreciate in the first edition.

Starting at sunset, smooth and varied route that will cross the resort of Lignano Pineta, Sabbiadoro and Riviera. The thrill of seeing before one’s eyes the most beautiful and typical corners of the prestigious seaside resort on the Adriatic coast.

It will be more than ever a race between sky and sea, because in 2019 the race route of Lignano Sunset Run Half Marathon will be partially renovated. It will depart from Promenade Alberto Kechler, a few meters from the sandy beach of fine golden that every summer attracts millions of Italian and foreign tourists.

FIDAL race over the classic distance of the half marathon (21.097 km) will also be combined with a gear-motor playful character, open to everyone (even to the Nordic walkers), to 5 km.
A recall more reason: Lignano Sunset Run Half Marathon will be an event for the whole family: If 21 km is too much, you can always opt for running non-competitive.

An important detail: after the great success of the last edition (registration closed early and 1,449 athletes at the finish line), the organization has increased by 40% the available bibs.

The registrations will close thus reaching 2500 participants.

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